In another unsurprising move, the governor of Tennessee has said he’s open to strengthening gun laws (https://wpln.org/post/gov-bill-lee-in-pivot-to-sign-order-strengthening-background-checks-calls-for-red-flag-law/).

It’s not a surprise because he tends to change his mind as the winds change.

He removed the bust of the KKK founder when people protested and now he’s going to sign gun legislation now that folks are protesting again.

Nice to see he is not completely ignorant of what the people want, but would have been nice to see this happen sooner!

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I am heartened by the move, but wish it wasn't just for political gain. Although I guess it is nice to see that Governor Lee is willing to put forth this kind of legislation. The republicans in the legislature have already said they will not pass any "red flag" laws, regardless of whether they come from the Governor or the Dems, but we'll see. The pressure is certainly on now!

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